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gulp tools for testing node libraries with mocha and istanbul as well as linting using godaddy-style.


npm install --save-dev godaddy-test-tools

Also install one of the configuration packages part of the project. Choosing the configuration package depends on what packages your project will use.

... add the package to your gulpfile.js

'use strict';

var gulp = require('gulp');
module.exports = require('godaddy-test-tools')(gulp, {
  // change any of the options listed below as needed

// define other gulp tasks or override already defined tasks as desired

... or gulpfile.babel.js if you are using ES6

import testTools from 'godaddy-test-tools';
import gulp from 'gulp';

module.exports = testTools(gulp, {
  // change any of the options listed below as needed

Running gulp --tasks will show all the tasks and a description (if provided) for each of the tasks.


  • junit: Use junit reporting for the currently run task and output to the specified file. If has a string value, it will be interpretted as the file where the results should be written, if simply present, the argument will trigger the junit default file at ./build/test/*-results.xml. This options is currently supported by unit, integration, and eslint tasks.
  • allowUnhandledRejections: The test tools will not throw an exception when a promise has an unresolved rejection. Defaults to false.
  • sourceFiles: The source files that will be watched or tested. default: lib/**/*.js
  • unitTestFiles: A glob-able path(s) to all the unit test files. default: test/unit/**/*.js
  • integrationTestFiles: A glob-able path(s) to all the integration test files. defaut: test/integration/**/*.js
  • mocha: Options for mocha, note all keys in the options will be prefixed with -- to map to the CLI flag. Example { require: ['@babel/register'] } will convert to --require "@babel/register".
  • watchFiles: default: [sourceFiles, unitTestFiles, integrationTestFiles]
  • shrinkwrap:
    • removeExisting: remove the existing files by default, default: false
    • onlyFormat: only remove the artifacts from the existing npm-shrinkwrap.json file, default: false
    • dev: include devDependencies in shrinkwrap, default: true
    • file: the path to the shrinkwrap file. default: ./package-lock.json
  • lint:
    • filenameConvention: example: { type: (kebob, snake, camel), exclude: /regex/, files: ['lib/**/*.js', 'test/**/*.js'] }
    • files: a list of glob-able file paths to include in the lint checks. default:
    • eslint: the argument passed to gulp-eslint. default: require.resolve('godaddy-style/dist/es5/.eslintrc').
    • default: change the default linter from eslint
    • linters: change which linters are run when calling gulp lint
    • eslintFailOnError: failure after the first lint error is found. default: fail after all files have been linted

Options can be modified from the command line using dot separated argument names. i.e.: gulp unit --mocha.grep '@production' will set the grep value of the mocha options.

This tool defaults to a specific folder structure, but the options above allow for configuring that as needed:


Additionally, this project will send system notifications through node-notifier when there are errors in your tests and when tests have run successfully unless you pass the --no-notify option.



  • The watch command no longer exits if errors are encountered in tests


  • Due to dependency bumps for security fixes, node 8 is no-longer supported; official support is now declared to be node 10 or above.


  • This was an erroneous major version bump


  • Replace gulp-mocha with calling mocha directly via cross-spawn. Consumer must have mocha installed and all setup requirements must be defined in the mocha options.
// mocha@5+
mocha: {
  file: "test/unit/global-hooks.js" // setup loaded prior to root suite execution


  • Use _result instead of end event for identifying the tests have completed


  • When tests fail, the process should throw the error instead of only displaying it in stdout/stderr


  • Gulp 4 is now required
  • Code coverage tasks are removed and nyc package is recommended
  • You must now export the tasks returned by this function in your gulpfile
  • gulp help no-longer works; use gulp --tasks to see available tasks


  • No baseConfig is defined by default anymore. Please extend the appropriate eslint-config package on your eslintrc file.
  • es6 option was removed and became the default. This also means that the istanbul.instrumenter option became the isparta.Instrumenter by default. If you want to keep the previous behavior, you can pass the { istanbul: { instrumenter: null } } as option.
  • Removing jscs and jshint tasks. They were already not doing anything.



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