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This is a simple utility for testing gobble plugins.


npm i -D gobble-test


(Note: these instructions are guidelines only. Feel free to adapt to your circumstances.)

In your plugin repo, create a test directory. Inside that folder create two subdirectories - src and expected - and an index.js file, so that your plugin repo looks something like this:

|- test
   |- src
   |- expected
   |- index.js
|- package.json
|- index.js

In the src directory, create some source files. In the expected directory, create a directory of output files for each test. Your index.js file should look something like this:

var gobble = require( 'gobble' ),
    test = require( 'gobble-test' ),
    path = require( 'path' ),
    myPlugin = require( '../' );
    name: 'myplugin without options',
    definition: gobble( path.join( __dirname, 'src' ) ).transform( myplugin ),
    expected: path.join( __dirname, 'expected/no-options' )
    name: 'myplugin with some options',
    definition: gobble( path.join( __dirname, 'src' ) ).transform( myplugin, {
      foo: 'bar'
    expected: path.join( __dirname, 'expected/with-options' )

Run node test from the root of your plugin repo. gobble-test will take each test in turn, build the definition to gobble-test-result, and compare it with the contents of expected. If they differ, it will abort the run of tests, leaving gobble-test-result so that you can inspect it and figure out what went wrong.