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Node.JS bindings to GNU gettext

This a raw binding to GNU gettext with no extra sugar. Only extra is a shortcut for the libc setlocale function.


npm install gnu-gettext


var gettext = require("gnu-gettext");
gettext.setLocale("LC_ALL", "fi_FI.UTF-8");
console.log(gettext.dgettext("gedit", "Text Editor")); // Tekstimuokkain 

Note that these functions are syncronous by default. There is also asynchronous version as this is the plain node-ffi object:

gettext.dgettext.async(function(err, text){

There are some bindings still missing, but it's very easy to add them. Just take a look at the gettext manual and edit gettext.js accordingly and send a pull request :)


If you only need parser for .po and .mo files I recommed node-gettext which is a pure Javascript parser.