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Based on the next generation crypto currency network Ethereum. Make complex predictions with an easy to use prediction market.

Gnosis.js is the javascript library of Gnosis, made to allow users build applications on top of it easier, interacting with the Gnosis API and contracts.

\* *Message signing is not compatible with Mist due to a non standard solution for eth_sign that is being discussed by the community*


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To develop gnosis.js, you'll need Node installed on your system. Run npm install to install the dependencies. If you're debugging code that uses promises, you should install bluebird to log uncaught exceptions within promises. The example scripts do this.

Install these Atom packages (or their counterparts for your text editor):

  • language-babel
  • language-ethereum
  • linter-eslint

Build gnosis.js by running $(npm bin)/webpack.


gnosis.js has an integration test suite that interacts with the actual API and contracts deployed to a TestRPC. See test/integration/ for instructions.