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gmplayer in urxvt

God, it's almost becoming my main thing. Making CLI based web streaming music players. I started with gplayer for Grooveshark, proceeded with yplayer for Youtube and now with gmplayer for Google Play Music. Just use it as before, but now with gmp and gmplayer. Use -s and then your search query. The player works with both Google Play All-Access and uploaded files using the -l flag.

I've reworked the project since version v0.4.0 to be more readable for other developers. If you feel like you want to contribute to the project feel free to open an issue or a pull request.

Install :

npm i gmplayer -g

System Requirements

  • ffmpeg: processing track meta-data
  • mplayer: playing music (optional if you want to listen straight after download)

Usage :

  gmp [OPTIONS] [ARGS]
  -s, --song             The song you want to download/play.
  -a, --album            The album you want to download/play.
  -d, --downloadonly     If you only want to download the song instead of
                         playing it
  -l, --library          List all items from your library (only for songs) (In combination with either -s or -a)
  -h, --help             Display help and usage details


Check out the LICENSE file for more information.