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  • npm: npm install gman -g

G-Man is a documentation engine which uses as the doc source, and parses Markdown documents to provide an easy way for developers to read documentation. All of the options in G-Man can be configured with the .gman.yml configuration.

G-Man and Cat
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Getting Started

G-Man follows a format that allows a readable format in both GitHub and the CLI. By following the standards your output will look something similar to the following:

G-Man Screenshot v0.1.0

Documentation Title

When the developer opens the documentation page they will want to know what they're looking at quick glance, for this we specify a main header:

# G-Man Documentation

Underneath the documentation header you can specify the responsibility and any other information you feel necessary.

# G-Man Documentation
Responsible for providing the entry point to the G-Man documentation.

We then begin specifying the methods present in the related file followed by the methods themselves.

## Methods
### renderTemplate

Underneath the renderTemplate method we will document its parameters – specifying additional information between asterisks: *(private)*.

## Methods
### renderTemplate
 * `firstParam` *{String}* Name of your self-invoking method;
 * `secondParam` *{Function}* Optional callback that will be invoked after success;

We can also specify the responsibility of the method by adding another header to the documentation.

### specifyExitCallback *(private)*
#### Responsible for attaching an event to the exit process.