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Send Gmails from your command line.


Send quick Gmails from your command line.

npm install gmailto -g

  gmailto <emails> <subject> [<message>]
  gmailto -h | --help | --version

The first time you run gmailto, it'll ask you for your name and your Gmail credentials (do not include

  > Your name: John Doe
  > Gmail username: john.doe
  > Gmail password:

This information gets persisted in a file called .gmailto.json under your HOME directory. So if you want to reset your data, you can either edit this file or remove it and run gmailto again.

  • Attachments: idea of usage gmailto "Document" --attach ~/some_document.doc
  • List of contacts (alias?): idea of usage gmailto mom,dad "How are you?"

This is licensed under the feel-free-to-do-whatever-you-want-to-do license.