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Gmail Sender

Sends emails by a given Gmail account.


npm install gmail-sender


var Gmailer = require("gmail-sender");

// any options can be set here...
	smtp: {
		service: "Gmail",
		user: "",
		pass: "yourpassword"

// any options set here, will overwrite options from above...
	subject: "Demo Mail",
	template: "./assets/templates/demo.html",
	from: "'Gmail Sender'",
	to: {
    	email: "",
    	name: "Five",
    	surname: "Johnny"
	data: {
    	name: "Five",
    	surname: "Johnny",
    	id: "28329m82198j"
	attachments: [
        	fileName: "html5.png",
        	filePath: "./assets/attachments/html5.png",
        	cid: "html5@demo"


Any options can be set by both methods options() and send(). With options() you can define default configuration, e.g. from an extra local file, that is not in a repository. All options to send() will overwrite default.

The folder assets holds HTML mail template and attached files.

Use option text to set a message text instead of using a template.