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    Easily access your gmail account via node.

    Uses oauth 2.0 to auth.


    1. Install npm: curl | sh
    2. Grab this module from npm: npm install gmail-imap
    3. Include it in your program:
    • Coffeescript: Gmail = require 'gmail-imap'
    • Javascript: Gmail = require('gmail-imap');
    1. Create a project to retrieve a Client ID and Client Secret here:
    2. Create a configuration object to pass in:
    var cfg = {
        CLIENT_ID: 'Your_client_id_here',
        CLIENT_SECRET: 'Your_client_secret_here'
    1. create a new instance of the gmail client:
    • Coffeescript: gmail = new Gmail cfg
    • Javascript: gmail = new Gmail(cfg);


    1. Get an Auth Url from google (requires clientId and clientSecret): var authUrl = gmail.getAuthUrl();
    2. Redirect the user to the Auth URL: res.redirect(authUrl) (if using Express)
    3. Get an access (and refresh) token from Google: gmail.getAccessToken(code, function(callback) {});
    4. If callback.access_token exists, get the user's e-mail: gmail.getEmail(callback.access_token, function(data) {});
    5. Create an xoauth2 token to pass to gmail: var xoauth2 = gmail.getXOauth2(, callback.access_token);
    6. Now you have an xoauth2 token that you can pass to a library such as MailListener2.


    var Gmail = require('gmail-imap');
    var cfg = {
        CLIENT_ID: 'Your_client_id_here',
        CLIENT_SECRET: 'Your_client_secret_here'
    var gmail = new Gmail(cfg);
    // Get gmail's authentication URL
    var authUrl = gmail.getAuthUrl();
    // redirect user to authUrl
    gmail.getAccessToken(code, function(callback) {
      if(callback.access_token) {
        gmail.getEmail(callback.access_token, function(data) {


    Gmail (constructor)s - Create a Gmail object

    • Input: cfg (object)
    • Output: none
    • Example: var gmail = new Gmail({clientId: '1234', clientSecret: '5678'});

    getAuthUrl - Get the authorization URL from google to redirect the user to authenticate

    • Input: none
    • Output: url (string)
    • Example: var authUrl = gmail.getAuthUrl();

    getAccessToken - OAUTH2: Retrieves an access_token and refresh_token.

    • Input: code (from getauthUrl)
    • Output: json { access_token: 'aaaaa', refresh_token: 'bbbbb'}
    • Example: gmail.getAccessToken(code, function(callback) {});

    getEmail - Get the user's e-mail address and profile information (Requires Access Token) Note: call this after getAccessToken!

    • Input: access_token
    • Output: json { 'uid': '124', emails: [ value: '' ]}
    • Example: gmail.getEmail(access_token, function(callback) {});

    getXOauth2 - Authenticate w/ Gmail's IMAP server (Requires Access Token/Email) Note: call this after getEmail!

    • Input: email, access_token
    • Output: json email object
    • Example: gmail.getXOauth2(email, access_token, function(data) {});

    Help, I need an adult!

    First step: Check out the /examples folder. It's decently documented.

    If you're still having issues, you can submit them here:


    v0.0.1 - First release! Woohoo!!

    • Added support for an OAuth2 round trip via access_token and refresh_token
    • Added support for generating an xoauth2 token
    • Started this ugly manual


    npm i gmail-imap

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