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Glowing Bear

Glowing Bear is a simple messaging library for Node.js. It supports sending and receiving messages over TCP.


Here is an example of an echo server, which sends any messages it receives back to the client. The client prints the messages it receives.

var gb = require('glowing-bear');

var server = new gb.Socket();
server.bind(3000, '');
server.onMessage = function(client, data) {

var client = new gb.Socket();
client.connect(3000, '');
client.onMessage = function(server, data) {

client.send('Hello, world!');
client.send({some: 'object'});
client.send([42, 1337, 3.14]);

You can send any objects that can be converted to JSON.

To do

  • Add an on('connect', ...) method to prevent race conditions.
  • Change onMessage to on('message', ...).