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A webpack plugin to use in conjunction with @storybook/addons-docs.

Will take your contentful data and turn it into a markdown file that storybook can read.


npm i --save-dev glorybook
yarn add --dev glorybook


The plugin will fetch data from the supplied contentful space, and output .mdx-files inside your webpack /src-folder. By default the created files are put in a subfolder named /contentful.

Be sure to not expose your space/access token in your public code


const GlorybookPlugin = require("glorybook");
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    new GlorybookPlugin({
      space: 'contentful space id', // required
      accessToken: 'contentful access token' // required


This setup in your contentful content model:
Screenshot of contentful UI

Will output this in storybook:
Screenshot of storybook UI

With a file structure like this:

 ┗ 📂contentful
   ┗ 📂parent
     ┗ 📂child-folder
       ┗ 📜nested-page.stories.mdx

The plugin can currently handle

  • Rich text
  • Images (single)
  • Videos (single)
  • Referenced content, including all of the above


Name Type Default Description
environment {String} 'master' Defines what contentful environment you want to get data from.
srcFolder {String} '/src' Defines where your src-folder lives.
subFolder {String} '/contentful' Defines where the generated files will be put, inside the srcFolder
contentTypeId {String} 'page' The id of your contentful pages that you like to fetch
additionalHead {String} '' If you have more content you like to paste in the top of every file
camelCase {Bool} false If you want the generated files to be named in in camelCase. When false, they will be in kebab-case
fullPathOutput {Bool} false When the page is nested, this will keep the full relative path in the filename. When false, only the last part will be kept.
nestedOutput {Bool} true If the files should be placed in folders just like in storyfull. false will place all files in the,un-nested , subFolder
labelDefinedBy {String} 'label' The id your contentful entry that defines label the file will be placed under
pathDefinedBy {String} 'path' The id your contentful entry that defines what path/filename the file will get


The /demo-folder is used for previewing any test output during development of this plugin.
This folder has a copy of storybook installed in order for us to run the plugin and have a real-world environment to sandbox in.

For getting started with building on this project, run:

yarn inst

This will install all dependencies needed for both the plugin, and the demo environment.

When any changes are made ...

yarn build

... will output files, applying the passed options specified in the webpack.config.js

yarn demo

Can be run in order to build and startup the storybook inside /demo. This is currently used for testing. In a very WYSIWYG-fashion.

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