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Key-value store with iterator and glob semantics. Allows to store multiple values per key and can be modified during iteration.

Install with npm

npm install glob-store

Browser compatibility

To use this module in a browser, download the npm package and then use Browserify to create a standalone version.


var Store = require('glob-store').Store;
var s = new Store();
s.add('**', 1);
s.add('a.b', 2);
s.add('a.c', 3);
s.add('a.c', 7);
var c, i = s.iterator('a.*');
while ((= !== undefined) {
  console.log( + '' + c);

The implementation is based on glob-tree, but allows multiple values to be stored under the same key.

Store API

  • add(name, value)
  • remove(name, value)
  • removeAll([name])
  • iterator(name[, options])
  • values([name])

The iterator is derived from min-iterator and supports the same options as the glob-tree iterator:

  • matchers: whether to include matchers, defaults to true
  • onlyMatchers: whether to only include matchers, defaults to false