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glob-promise version License

Promise version of glob

Match files using the patterns the shell uses, like stars and stuff.

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# using yarn 
$ yarn add glob-promise
# using npm 
$ npm install --only=production --save glob-promise

glob is set as a peerDependency in package.json

  • npm <= 2 will automatically install peerDependencies if they are not explicitly depended upon higher in the dependency tree.
  • npm >= 3 will no longer automatically install peerDependencies.

You will need to manually add glob as a dependency to your project for glob-promise to work.


glob(pattern [, options])

Alias for glob.promise

glob.promise(pattern [, options])

pattern: String (glob pattern) options: Object or String Return: Object (Promise)

When it finishes, it will be fulfilled with an Array of filenames as its first argument.

When it fails to read the files, it will be rejected with an error as its first argument.

  .then(function(contents) {
    contents; //=> ['lorem', 'ipsum', 'dolor']
glob('{foo,bar.baz}.txt', { nobrace: true })
  .then(function(contents) {
    contents; //=> []

glob.glob(pattern [, options], cb)

see glob

glob.sync(pattern [, options])

see glob.sync()

glob.hasMagic(pattern, [options])

see glob.hasMagic()

Class: glob.Glob

see Glob


The option object will be directly passed to glob.

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