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A sync glob / minimatch / RegExp function with a gruntjs -like <code>expand</code> of patterns, with minimum depepndencies. Derived from gruntjs's v0.4.1 <code>file.expand</code>


A (sync) glob / minimatch / RegExp call using gruntjs's file.expand.

It has only a minimum of dependencies: glob (version 4.x that has negation patterns) & lodash.

Its almost a copy/paste of 2 functions from Gruntjs's v0.4.1 grunt/file.js

Additionally you can use minimatch Strings or RegExps, either as an Array or as arguments.

npm install glob-expand

    expand = require 'glob-expand'
    # may the original node-glob be with you (should you need it): 
    glob = expand.glob
    expand {filter: 'isFile'cwd: '../'}['**/*.*''!exclude/these/**/*.*']
    # returns all files in cwd ['file1', 'file2',...] but excluding 
    # those under directory 'exclude/these' 
    # These are the same 
    expand {cwd: '../..'}['**/*.*''!node_modules/**/*.*']
    expand {cwd: '../..'}'**/*.*''!node_modules/**/*.*'
    # These are the same too: 
    expand {}['**/*.*''!**/*.js']
    expand {}'**/*.*''!**/*.js'
    expand ['**/*.*''!**/*.js']
    expand '**/*.*''!**/*.js'
    # Using Regular Expressions: 
    expand '**/*.js'/.*\.(coffee\.md|litcoffee|coffee)$/i'!DRAFT*.*'
    # -> returns all `.js`, `.coffee`, `` & `.litcoffee` files, 
    #    excluding those starting with 'DRAFT' 

See gruntjs files configuration and node-glob for more options.

Sorry no tests, I assumed gruntjs's tests are sufficient ;-)