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    Glimmer Language Syntax Highlighting

    This repository contains the Handlebars/Glimmer syntax patterns used to build the TS/JS/Glimmer grammar files. The generated grammar files can be used in any editor package/extension.

    The grammars/glimmer.tmLanguage is the only pattern actively maintained in this repo. The TS/JS grammar is copied from VSCode's (TypeScript)[] grammar repo. During the build the TS grammar has the Handlebars pattern injected into, and is then updated with JS scope names to generate the JS grammar.

    The distributed grammar files in /dist are generated by running the build script: npm run build.

    A very big THANK YOU to all package maintainers for the base TS/JS grammar.

    Notes on Scope Names

    The handlebars scopes all follow a naming expression where HTML is composed of TAGS and ATTRIBUTES, and Glimmer is composed of EXPRESSIONS and _ PARAMETERS_.

    Available Scope Targets:

    • <> or {{}}: punctuation.definition.tag/expression
    • div or some-component-name:
    • Names of tag attributes/expression params: entity.other.attribute/parameter-name


    Interested in contributing? All of the following are outstanding:

    • [] Patterns for Glimmer template syntax:
    • [] Block vs Inline scope differentiation for HTML tags and Glimmer expressions
    • [] Separate configuration files for TS/JS grammars
    • [] Note in README about build process and lack of support for grammar injection in Sublime+VSCode
    • [] Note in README about how to extend Glimmer patterns

    Syntax Updates:

    • [] Add separator (equal sign) for handlebars expressions eg name=value
    • Add special flag for ! and ? inside jsdoc types for null, not null eg: {!number}
    • Add a line-start+asterisk+whitespace pattern to source.handlebars for highlighting handlebars inside of jsdoc markdown fenced code blocks


    npm i glimmer-syntax-patterns

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