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    Latest Version: 1.7.8 A fast, light-weight, dependency free, responsive, accessible, extendable, native scrolling list with paging controls, methods and events. (< 2.8kb gzipped!)

    Demos and full documentation available on Github Pages:

    Quick Start

    Include glider.min.css:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="glider.min.css">
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="">

    Include Glider.js:

    <script src="glider.min.js"></script>
    <script src=""></script>

    Example HTML:

    <div class="glider">
      <div> 1 </div>
      <div> 2 </div>
      <div> 3 </div>
      <div> 4 </div>
      <div> 5 </div>
      <div> 6 </div>

    Glider.js Initialization

    new Glider(document.querySelector('.glider'));

    Glider.js Initialization w/ full options:

    new Glider(document.querySelector('.glider'), {
      // `auto` allows automatic responsive
      // width calculations
      slidesToShow: 'auto',
      slidesToScroll: 'auto',
      // should have been named `itemMinWidth`
      // slides grow to fit the container viewport
      // ignored unless `slidesToShow` is set to `auto`
      itemWidth: undefined,
      // if true, slides wont be resized to fit viewport
      // requires `itemWidth` to be set
      // * this may cause fractional slides
      exactWidth: false,
      // speed aggravator - higher is slower
      duration: .5,
      // dot container element or selector
      dots: 'CSS Selector',
      // arrow container elements or selector
      arrows: {
        prev: 'CSS Selector',
        // may also pass element directly
        next: document.querySelector('CSS Selector')
      // allow mouse dragging
      draggable: false,
      // how much to scroll with each mouse delta
      dragVelocity: 3.3,
      // use any custom easing function
      // compatible with most easing plugins
      easing: function (x, t, b, c, d) {
        return c*(t/=d)*t + b;
      // event control
      scrollPropagate: false,
      eventPropagate: true,
      // Force centering slide after scroll event
      scrollLock: false,
      // how long to wait after scroll event before locking
      // if too low, it might interrupt normal scrolling
      scrollLockDelay: 150,
      // Force centering slide after resize event
      resizeLock: true,
      // Glider.js breakpoints are mobile-first
      responsive: [
          breakpoint: 900,
          settings: {
            slidesToShow: 2,
            slidesToScroll: 2
          breakpoint: 575,
          settings: {
            slidesToShow: 3,
            slidesToScroll: 3

    Change options:

      name: value,
    // optionally call refresh

    Bind event:

    document.querySelector(element_path).addEventListener('glider-slide-visible', function(event){
      // `this` is bound to the glider element
      // custom data located at `event.detail`
      // access to Glider object via `Glider(this)`

    Destroy with:


    Install using package managers NPM / YARN

    $ npm install glider-js
    $ yarn add glider-js

    Browser support

    Glider.js should run on all modern browsers. Support for older browser can be achieved by polyfilling document.classList, window.requestAnimationFrame, Object.assign and CustomEvent

    Include glider-compat.min.js to load the aforementioned polyfills

    Native Scrollbars

    Most browsers now support the scrollbar-width property allowing us to avoid the messy hack below.

    NOTE: This feature is marked as experimental and may not work in all browsers.

    .glider-track {
      scrollbar-width: none;

    Since Glider.js uses native scrolling, the browser wants to apply the standard scrollbar to the glider. In most cases, this is fine since the scrollbar can be hidden with CSS and Glider.js does so when appropriate. In browsers such as Firefox though, the scrollbars cannot be hidden with CSS and require additional markup to hide.

    To hide the scrollbars in Firefox, you'll want to wrap your glider with <div class="glider-wrap"> and apply the following CSS/JS:

    @-moz-document url-prefix() {
      .glider-track {
        margin-bottom: 17px;
      .glider-wrap {
        overflow: hidden;
    document.addEventListener('glider-loaded', hideFFScrollBars);
    document.addEventListener('glider-refresh', hideFFScrollBars);
    function hideFFScrollBars(e){
      var scrollbarHeight = 17; // Currently 17, may change with updates
        // We only need to appy to desktop. Firefox for mobile uses
        // a different rendering engine (WebKit)
        if (window.innerWidth > 575){
 = ( - scrollbarHeight) + 'px'

    Packages using Glider.js 🚀

    • react-glider - A react wrapper for Glider.js written in typescript.


    None :)


    Copyright (c) 2018 Nick Piscitelli

    Licensed under the MIT license.

    It's all yours.


    npm i glider-js

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