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Glace (fr. glacé — ice, frozen) is a cold drink based on coffee with addition of ice cream.

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GlaceJS is a functional testing framework based on mochajs.


  • Cross-platform
  • Uses mochajs as test runner
  • Has own tests and reports system
  • Oriented to complex functional scenarios
  • Supports multiple independent verifications (chunks) inside a test
  • Supports parameterization inside and outside of test
  • Has built-in mechanism to retry failed tests or chunks
  • Has built-in reporters to terminal, report.log file and TestRail
  • Launches selenium server if external selenium address isn't specified
  • Supports STEPS architecture and Page Object Pattern
  • Has mechanism to compare two images
  • Has mechanism to search one image inside another image
  • Supports video capture of executed tests
  • Supports xvfb virtual display and video capture of it
  • Includes two proxies: simple http proxy and global transparent proxy
  • Supports a set of middlewares for both proxies
  • Includes middleware to cache server responses
  • Includes middleware to manage proxy responses speed
  • Includes middleware to gather server responses information
  • Supports JSON config for CLI options
  • Supports extending default config with user config

Binary software may be used

  • java for selenium server usage;
  • chrome browser for web tests;
  • imagemagick (unix only) for images comparison (on windows will be installed together with framework);
  • avconv (linux only) for video capture. On windows ffmpeg is used which will be installed together with framework. On macOS isn't implemented still;
  • compiler for native nodejs modules. On windows may be installed with npm i -g windows-build-tools;

How to install

Use npm:

npm i glacejs

Or clone repository:

git clone
cd glacejs
npm i

How to launch tests

If you clone repository and install it as developer, you may find a plenty of examples with commands how to launch them.

After npm installation you may use command glace to launch tests. Use glace -h to get info about available options, or read about CLI options in documentation.

How to write tests

Please look through examples to see how to write tests. In documentation also you may find description of all supported steps.

Bugs and feedbacks

Please fill free to create an issue on github.




npm i glacejs

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