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gl-vec2 ported to ES modules, so that you can do this sort of thing...

import * as vec2 from 'gl-vec2-esm';
const normalized = vec2.normalize(...);

...and take advantage of tree-shaking via Rollup and Webpack 2, rather than having to have a separate require statement for each module.



Part of a fork of @toji's gl-matrix split into smaller pieces: this package contains glMatrix.vec2.



vec2 = require('gl-vec2')

Will load all of the module's functionality and expose it on a single object. Note that any of the methods may also be required directly from their files.

For example, the following are equivalent:

var scale = require('gl-vec2').scale
var scale = require('gl-vec2/scale')


add(out:vec2, a:vec2, b:vec2)

Adds two vec2's


Creates a new vec2 initialized with values from an existing vector

copy(out:vec2, a:vec2)

Copy the values from one vec2 to another


Creates a new, empty vec2

cross(out:vec3, a:vec2, b:vec2)

Computes the cross product of two vec2's Note that the cross product must by definition produce a 3D vector

distance(a:vec2, b:vec2)

Calculates the euclidian distance between two vec2's

divide(out:vec2, a:vec2, b:vec2)

Divides two vec2's

dot(a:vec2, b:vec2)

Calculates the dot product of two vec2's

forEach(a:Array, stride:Number, offset:Number, count:Number, fn:Function, [arg]:Object)

Perform some operation over an array of vec2s.

fromValues(x:Number, y:Number)

Creates a new vec2 initialized with the given values


Calculates the length of a vec2

lerp(out:vec2, a:vec2, b:vec2, t:Number)

Performs a linear interpolation between two vec2's

max(out:vec2, a:vec2, b:vec2)

Returns the maximum of two vec2's

min(out:vec2, a:vec2, b:vec2)

Returns the minimum of two vec2's

multiply(out:vec2, a:vec2, b:vec2)

Multiplies two vec2's

negate(out:vec2, a:vec2)

Negates the components of a vec2

normalize(out:vec2, a:vec2)

Normalize a vec2

random(out:vec2, [scale]:Number)

Generates a random vector with the given scale

scale(out:vec2, a:vec2, b:Number)

Scales a vec2 by a scalar number

scaleAndAdd(out:vec2, a:vec2, b:vec2, scale:Number)

Adds two vec2's after scaling the second operand by a scalar value

set(out:vec2, x:Number, y:Number)

Set the components of a vec2 to the given values

squaredDistance(a:vec2, b:vec2)

Calculates the squared euclidian distance between two vec2's


Calculates the squared length of a vec2

subtract(out:vec2, a:vec2, b:vec2)

Subtracts vector b from vector a

transformMat2(out:vec2, a:vec2, m:mat2)

Transforms the vec2 with a mat2

transformMat2d(out:vec2, a:vec2, m:mat2d)

Transforms the vec2 with a mat2d

transformMat3(out:vec2, a:vec2, m:mat3)

Transforms the vec2 with a mat3 3rd vector component is implicitly '1'

transformMat4(out:vec2, a:vec2, m:mat4)

Transforms the vec2 with a mat4 3rd vector component is implicitly '0' 4th vector component is implicitly '1'


zlib. See for details.

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