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A JSON listing of the WebGL 1.0 API, scraped from the OpenGL ES 2.0 Reference Pages.

Inspired by @gre's glsldoc package, this should be useful if you're looking to add contextual documentation to WebGL code or other forms of generated documentation.

Incomplete: still in need of better conversion between OpenGL ES and WebGL. Please pitch in if you'd like to help!



api = require('gl-api')

Where api is an array, containing the following properties:

  • name: the property/variable name.
  • kind: the kind of value that's being documented.
  • description: a short description of the value.
  • usage: a short description of how the value should be used. If it's a function, this is its signature (annotated with types).
  • parameters: an object listing the parameters used in a function, where the keys are the argument names and the values are a description of those arguments.
  • href: the original source of the documentation.
  • also: an array of related properties/variables, each with a name and a href linking to the relevant OpenGL ES Reference Page.


See stackgl/contributing.


MIT. See for details.