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    Giveaways For Discord

    Simple use

    Giveaways For Discord is quite simple to use actually. All the things you need are:

    • message - The Message Object from Discord
    • client - The Client iniatied from Discord
    • time - The time for the giveaway to last. Must be above 1 minute and below 2 weeks
    • prize - The prize for the giveaway
    • winners (optional) - The amount of winners for the giveaway (Default is set to 1)
    • channel (optional) - Where the giveaway message should appear (Default is set to where the command is ran)
    • host (optinal) - The Host who will be appeared in the embed of the Giveaway (Default host is the Message Author)
    • color (optional) - The Color of the embed showing the giveaway (Default is set to #008800)


    npm install giveaways-for-discord This installs the package

    Example Code

        const Discord = require("discord.js");
        const client = new Discord.Client({ws: ["GUILDS", "GUILD_MESSAGE_REACTIONS", "GUILD_MESSAGES"]});
        const giveaway = require("giveaways-for-discord");
        const prefix = "g!";
        const token = "SOME_TOKEN_HERE";
        client.on("ready" () => {
            console.log("Logged in!");
        client.on("message", async message => {
            if (!message.content.startsWith(prefix) && return;
            if (message.content.startWith(`${prefix}start`)) {
                giveaway(message, client, args[0], args.join(" ").replace(args[0], ""))

    Using a command handler? No problem!

    const giveaway = require("giveaways-for-discord")
    module.exports = {
        name: "start",
        async execute(message, args, client) {
            giveaway(message, client, args[0], args.join(" ").replace(args[0], ""))

    The Output:

    Well the image couldn't load, rip

    Feedback and Bugs

    Want to suggest a feedback, or report a bug? You can do that by going to out support server


    npm i giveaways-for-discord

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