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Simple Node.js wrapper for the Git CLI


A simple Node.js wrapper for the Git CLI. The API uses promises. This library is used in Codebox.

npm install gittle
var Gittle = require("gittle");
  • Load a repository: var repo = new Gittle("./");
  • Clone a repository: Gittle.clone("", "./test")
  • Initialize an empty repository: Gittle.init("./test")

Check out Authentication about how to configure https/ssh authentication for cloning.

  • Get status: repo.status()
  • Get identity: repo.identity(), Returns an Actor object
  • Set identity: repo.identify(actor), actor is an object like: {name: "", email: ""}
  • Pull: repo.pull(remote, branch)
  • Push: repo.push(remote, branch)
  • Fetch: repo.fetch(remote)

Check out Authentication about how to configure https/ssh authentication.

A commit is representated by a Commit object.

  • List all commits: repo.commits(start, limit, skip)
  • Commit changes: repo.commit(message, options)
  • List all tags: repo.tags()
  • Create a new tag: repo.create_tag(name, options)
  • Delete a tag: repo.delete_tag(name)

A branch is representated by a Head object.

  • List all branches: repo.branches()
  • Get a branch from its name: repo.branche(name)
  • Create a branch: repo.create_branch(name)
  • Delete a branch: repo.delete_branch(name)
  • List all remotes: repo.remotes()
  • Add a remote: repo.remore_add(name, url)
  • Delete a remote: repo.remote_remove(name)

  • (String) id for this commit
  • (Actor) author of this commit
  • commit.commiter: (Actor) commiter of this commit
  • commit.message: (String) message for this commit
  • commit.authored_date: (String) date when the commit was authored
  • commit.committed_date: (String) date when the commit was commited
  • Get the files tree for this commit: commit.tree()
  • Get the parents commits: commit.parents()

  • (String) name of this actor
  • (String) email address of this actor
  • actor.hash: (String) hash of this actor (md5 hash of the email)

Class Head inherit from Ref.

  • (String) name of this reference
  • ref.commit: (Commit) commit related to this ref.

A last argument could be use for authentication on Gittle.clone, repo.push, repo.pull, repo.fetch:

    // SSH: 
    'passphrase': "...",
    'refuseUnknownHost': true, // Default is false 
    // HTTPS: 
    'username': "...",
    'password': "..."