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top 10 contributors for particular a Github repo

Top GitHub Contibutors

A Node.JS to read the GitHub API and print top contributors a particular user and repo. A small report of these top contibutors is printed via the console via Cliff. Private repos are not supported.

From NPM

[sudo] npm install github-top-contrib -g


  1. Install node.js.
  2. Install grunt: [sudo] npm install -g grunt-cli
  3. git clone && cd top-ghc && npm install



top-ghc [owner] [repo]


top-ghc [options]

where options:

-o, --owner [owner] Owner
-r, --repo [repo] Repository

A version of the code utilizing streamline.js can be seen in lib\top-ghc._js streamlinejs should first be installed globally.

npm install -g streamlinejs

To run from the streamline example from the root directory:

_node examples/simple._js
rank login      contributions 
1    bjouhier   923           
2    aseemk     42            
3    aikar      12            
4    goffrie    9             
5    pguillory  5             
6    willconant 4             
7    spollack   4             
8    abiyani    2             
9    mlin       2             
10   sethyuan   2    

Please report issues, new features, or requests in this repo's issue tracker.

Distributed under MIT License.