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Fetching Github Repo info with Node.js

A very simple node.js module for fetching information about a Github Repo. This was developed as a helper to a project of mine, and should probably be fixed up and made more robust.


Clone the repo

cd ~/my/node-project/
git clone git://

You'll now have a folder called node-repo-github/ in your node-project/. You could rename directory and or move it, if you'd like.

How to use

Firstly you need to require the module. Given the structure above this would be

var githubrepo = require('./node-repo-github/githubrepo.js');


Now you're ready to use it. As per now, this module only has one method; open. This finds a repo based on user and repo name., repo, callback)


  1. username – The username of the repo owner
  2. repo – Full repository name
  3. callback – Function to be invoked once there's data


The callback should look like this

function (err, data) {}

Where err is the error notice and data is the Github response.


// Require module. Edit path to match your structure 
var githubrepo = require("../githubrepo.js");
// Look for repo and set callback to log data found"mikaelbr", "node-repo-github", function (err, data) {
    if (err) throw err;
    // Log results