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    Github Releasy

    A npm package to help with release and changelog management over github repositories.


    npm install -g github-releasy


    Just run the command github-release with the optional options below.

    CMD options available:

    • --baseBranch {the base branch to where must be made the release, default is 'master'}
    • --beforeStage {the commands to be executed before the release and after check the conditions}
    • --changelog {the changelog file name, default is ''}
    • --minorBranch {the minor base branch, default is 'develop'}
    • --releaseType {The release type 'patch' | 'minor' | 'major', default is undefined}
    • --ci {If the environment is on the continuous integration, default is undefined}

    Integration with CI

    Automatize your workflow! Use the github-releasy to update you npm version, release, tag, changelog and publish to npm after a pull request to the base branch is merged.

    How it works?

    After a pull request has been updated the github-release checks if the branch have unreleased changes in the, if not, fails the buils.

    After a pull request is merged in the github, the event of push event is triggered in the CI and github release check the pattern in the last commit to verify the origin of the pull request and so to decide which the releaseType will be fired and released. Patch if the origin of the pull request is from a branch different of the base branch e Minor if the origin branch is from the minorBranch.


    In the Setup put the commands:

    $ npm install
    $ npm install -g npx github-releasy
    $ git config --global "<github email here>"
    $ git config --global "<github name here>"

    In the Job put the commands:

    $ export GITHUB_TOKEN=<your github token here>
    $ github-releasy --ci

    To generate a github token -> (Just need the repo permission)


    npm i github-releasy

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