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Github Collect

A NodeJS library for getting Github objects like repositories, members, gists for users and orgs.


npm install github-collect


Configuration is handled by rc so any of those valid ways of definingconfiguration will work.

  • github_token: Your Oauth token for Github; you can create one on your Github account under Settings -> Applications. Example of using an environment variable: export github_collect_github_token=abc


var gc = require('github-collect');

// Get returns a promise
gc.get('username').done(function(data) {

// Username can be an array or a string of names separated by columns
gc.get(['username1', 'username2']);

Provides promises with q.

Data structure

What you will get back in return is a keyed object by username of the Github information for that username with a custom property called objects which holds the supplementary objects.

  organization_name: {
    objects: {
      repos: [],
      gists: [],
      members: []
  user_name: {
    objects: {
      repos: [],
      gists: []


npm install -g mocha