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clone github repositories to the local box.


you can just npm install github-clone -g and then github-clone --directory <dir> --access_token <token>. this installs an alias to the command into the system's path, meaning you can run github-clone from anywhere.


you can use a json or yaml configuration file (and call github-clone --config path/to/config)

  directory: "path/to/clone/into",
  repositories: {
    type: "public",
    sort: "updated"
  access_token: "token"

A bit more info..

the repositories object contains a type and a sort, as defined by the github repo. the directory key specifies a path to the directory in wich we wanna clone all your repositories. the access_token key specifies a personal access token from here.

you can use cron or scheduled tasks to make this happen at a regular interval, which is good fun.