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    Github App Installation Token

    npm/cli and binary 📦 to generate a token from GitHub Apps.
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    Table of Contents

    Getting Started

    GitHub Apps are the most powerful entity in the GitHub universe today. These Apps allow you to change a PR, add checks to a commit, trigger workflows and even (with the right permissions) commit code! But The tricky thing is, You need to generate a token every time you you want to use them.

    This npm package / command line tool / binary will do just that!

    Installation and Use

    You can install and use this package in different ways:


       npx github-app-installation-token \
          --appId <APP_ID> \
          --installationId <INSTALLATION_ID> \
          --privateKeyLocation <path/to/the/private.pem>

    NPM (global)

      npm -g install github-app-installation-token
      npm run github-app-installation-token \
          --appID <APP_ID> \
          --installationId <INSTALLATION_ID> \
          --privateKeyLocation <path/to/the/private.pem>

    YARN (global)

      yarn global add github-app-installation-token
      github-app-installation-token \
          --appId <APP_ID> \
          --installationId <INSTALLATION_ID> \
          --privateKeyLocation <path/to/the/private.pem>


    import { getToken } from 'github-app-installation-token';
    const { token } = await getToken({
      appId: 1234,
      installationId: 112345555, //
      privateKey: '-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- ......-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----', // the private key you took from  the app.


    If you don't want any dependencies, you can use the binary directly.

    Head over to releases and pick the binary for LINUX, MACOSX and WINDOWS.

    Github Workflow

    If you are looking for a solution for your GitHub workflows, take a look at github-app-installation-token-action

    Built With


    Contributions are what makes the open-source community such an amazing place to learn, inspire, and create. Any contributions you make are greatly appreciated greatly appreciated.

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    Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.


    npm i github-app-installation-token

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