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Embed Code Snippets into Gitbooks

Just fill in the repository name, class name and function name, this plugin will automatically search the github repository to generate code snippets that call this function。 Support C/C++/Java/Javascript/Objective-C languages.

Using this tag {% lanying_code_snippet repo="lanying-im-web",class="userManage",function="asyncRegister" %}{% endlanying_code_snippet %}, it will generate the code snippet as shown below:


Joern needs to be installed.

You can install Joern according to this document


Add the following plugins to your book.json and run gitbook install

{ "plugins": ["lanying-code-snippet"] }


Configuration option can be set as an obj like:

    "plugins": [
    "pluginsConfig": {
        "lanying-code-snippet": {
            "showLink": true,
            "reindent": true,
            "maxLine": 20,
            "maxSnippetCount": 10,
            "repositories": [
                    "cacheDir": "../cache/lanying-im-android"


  • showLink=true Show a link below the embedded source back to the source file. Defaults to true
  • reindent=true Re-indent the lines given the line numbers. Defaults to true
  • maxLine=20 maximum number of lines each code snippet. Defaults to 20
  • maxSnippetCount=10 Maximum number of code snippets. Defaults to 10
  • repositories repositories are used to configure github repository information.
    • repositories[*].url is the url of github repository.
    • repositories[*].branch is the branch of github repository.
    • repositories[*].name is the name of github repository.
    • repositories[*].filter is used to filter which code to show. "call" - show code which call this function; "override" - show code which override this function. Defaults to "call|override", which will show calls and overrides.
    • repositories[*].cacheDir is the cache dir of github repository. If not set, a random directory under /tmp will be used。If set, the set directory will be used. if the language is Objective-C, cacheDir must be set.
  • Using the tag {% lanying_code_snippet repo="lanying-im-web",class="userManage",function="asyncRegister" %}{% endlanying_code_snippet %} to generate the code snippets, the repo is the name of github repository, must be one of repositories[*].name, the class is the class name, the function is the function name.

Styling the Link

Use a gitbook style override to adjust the style of the link. The class is .lanying-code-snippet-caption.

Objective-C language

If the code is write in Objective-C language, Xcode version less than 12 is needed. llvm2cpg is also needed. Must ensure the following command must execute successfully in the repo cache dir.

xcodebuild OTHER_CFLAGS='-fembed-bitcode -grecord-command-line -fno-inline-functions -fno-builtin' OTHER_CPLUSPLUSFLAGS='-fembed-bitcode -grecord-command-line -fno-inline-functions -fno-builtin' OTHER_LDFLAGS='-fembed-bitcode -grecord-command-line -fno-inline-functions -fno-builtin' clean build -quiet && llvm2cpg `find . -name '*.o'`


  • When gitbook install report Error: spawn E2BIG, should rerun gitbook install command.


npm i gitbook-plugin-lanying-code-snippet

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