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    This is a Gitbook plugin automatically generates your summary file(s) for your journal entries, effectively allowing you to use gitbook to compile your journal. It will automatically generate the and, optionally, intermediate summary files.


    This plugin will overwrite your file, if any. This plugin is meant to be used solely as a journaling helper so it's not a good idea to use it in a project where you want to be able to edit the file manually.


    Add this to your book.json:

      "plugins": ["journal-summary"]

    Then run gitbook build

    If you run gitbook serve directly it might not correctly pickup the newly generated summary files, so I recommend running gitbook build first


    This plugin expects your Markdown Journal Entries to be named in this pattern: (e.g. 2017-12-29). It does not matter what folders or how many level deep you put your Markdown files. The plugin will find all the Markdown files that match the date format, build a tree with levels for Year, Month, and the individual entries as leafs. It will then output that in the correct format to the file.

    For example, even with this messy (or "wrong") folder structure:

     \- 2017
    |    \- 10
    |        |-
     \- 2016
         \- 09

    The plugin will parse only the filenames, regardless of what folder the file is in, generating the correct working tree:

       \_ 2016
      |    \_ February
      |   |      \_ 28th
      |    \_ September   
      |          \_ 1st  
       \_ 2017  
           \_ September   
          |     \_ 10th
           \_ October
                \_ 1st
                \_ 2nd

    Which will generate the following file (assuming generateAll = true):

      # Book Title
      - [2016](summaries/
        - [February](summaries/
          - [28th](/2016/2016-02-28)
        - [September](summaries/
          - [1st](/2016/09/
      - [2017](summaries/
        - [September](summaries/
          - [10th](
        - [October](/summaries/2017-October)
          - [1st](/2017/10/
          - [2nd](/2016/


    Optionally, you can set the generateAll option to true if you want the plugin to also generate intermediate summary files for Year and Month levels, i.e. if you want the Year and Month levels to be clickable and to contain a summary of their contents. That option is to false by default. To set that option to true, add the following in your book.json file:

        "journal": {
          "generateAll": true

    An example of a complete book.json file could look like this:

        "title": "Test Book",
        "plugins": ["journal-summary"],
        "pluginsConfig": {
          "journal": {
            "generateAll": true


    Initially based on julianxhokaxhiu's gitbook plugin.




    npm i gitbook-plugin-journal-summary

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