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export a git repo as a markdown based html wiki


npm install -g git-wiki


  • Linux
  • Git

Node modules

  • marked
  • feed-read
  • async


git-wiki cloneurl localdir

cloneurl = the git repo you wish to clone localdir = the output path, the root of your site

both required

Run script with forever, it will update the site every hour

Filetypes from clone repo

Files from the clone or source repo are processed by their extension:

.md - markdown syntax to be processed

.feed - list of RSS and G+ feeds to be fetched and displayed


The template files HEADER and FOOTER will be prepended and appended respectively to each generated .html file.

HTML sanitization

The markdown translator will output html entities.

Page links, External links and File links

Internal link with absolute path: [title](/absolute/path/to/file.html)

Internal link with relative path: [title](file.html)

File link: [title](file.ext)

External link [title](



Use a desktop markdown editor

They will provide a preview of what your document will look like, images too!

sample-git-wiki is a simple repo you can clone and use as a skeleton for your project.