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Git Watch

Like node-watch but only run when things change when using git status


npm install git-watch



const gitWatch = require('git-watch')
gitWatch(__dirname, (gitError, fileName, watchEvent, gitStatus) => {
    console.log(fileName, watchEvent)

gitError is null unless git errors, e.g. not a git repo

fileName is the name of the file which has changed

watchEvent see node-watch but things like change and remove

gitStatus is the response from git status


You can even use this from the command line

git-watch --dir=./ --cmd="npm test --filter=$1"

it replaces $1 with the file which has changed


--dir | -d is the directory to watch, defaults to process.cwd()
--cmd | -c is the command to run, will append the file name to the end of the cmd or replaces all $1 with the file which has changed
--help | -h to get some sort of help message

if you don't want to execute then just stick a # on the end e.g. npm test # because # is just a comment right?