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    Git ultimate cloner

    For contributing please read this

    Use this 😎😎😎

    npm i -g git-ultimate-cloner
    quick clone <repository-url>

    Or this 🥵🥵🥵

    cd desktop
    cd projects
    git clone <repo-url>
    cd repository-name
    code .
    open terminal in vs code
    npm install

    What does it do?

    1. Clones your repo

    2. Installs all the npm packages Or dart, php... find more

    3. Opens your repositoy in your favorite ide

      All in a single step 🤩🤩🤩

    4. Set your default path so that WHEREVER you open your command prompt it will clone into the path you set

      Example: Your projects folder


    For usage details: quick --help

    1. To simply clone:

      quick clone <repo-link>
    2. To set default path to clone into:

      quick --set-folder default "C:\Users\SANKAR KUMAR\Desktop\projects"
    3. If u set a default folder but want to clone into current folder then:

      quick clone <repo-link> --folder current
    4. Set more custom folders to clone ur projects into respective folders:

      quick --set-folder myfolder "C:\Users\SANKAR KUMAR\Desktop\projects\myfolder"
    5. To clone into custom folder:

      quick clone <repo-link> --folder myfolder
    6. To open in your atom ide (by default opens in vscode):

      quick clone <repo-link> --ide atom

    Currently supported various package managers:

    Automatically searches and installs...

    1. NPM Packages
    2. PHP Modules
    3. Yarn and pnpm
    4. Dart Packages
    5. Ruby Gems
    6. Rust Crates
    7. Go Packages

    For more feature suggestions visit:

    GitHub Repo


    1. NodeJS installed.
    2. git installed globally.


    Kvs Sankar Kumar

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    npm i git-ultimate-cloner

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