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A command line application to simplify the git workflow on committing, pushing and others commands.


Install Node Package Manager npm and Node Version Manager nvm. Have git installed and configured on your machine.



Runs the command

$ gs -a -m "initial commit" --ft -p main -f

to get the following:

$ git add .
$ git commit -m "feat: initial commit"
$ git push -f origin main

Simple as that!

How to use

  1. Install using npm:
$ npm i git-suite
  1. Install globally:
$ npm install -g git-suite

Done! To see the list of all valid commands on terminal, run:

$ gs --help

Valid Commands

1. Git add: gs -a | -add [<file>,<file>] or - runs git add . by default. Specify files to add concatenating the paths with a comma, like gs -a path/to/file1.js,path/to/file2.js;

2. Git commit: gs -m | -message "message" [--ft | --fx | --c | --e] - runs git commit -m "message". If the commit type flag is specified, the final commit message will be:

  • --ft --> "feat: message";
  • --fx --> "fix: message";
  • --c --> "chore: message";
  • --e --> "enhance: message";
  • --d --> "docs: message";

3. Git push: gs -p | -push [<branch-name>] [-f | -force] - runs git push origin <branch-name>. The force flag and branch-name is optional;

⚠️ Warning!

Not providing the branch name will push the changes from the current branch.

4. Git reset HEAD: gs -rh | -reset-head [<number>] - runs git reset HEAD~<number>. By default, with remove 1 commit from the HEAD.

5. Git rebase: gs -r [head-branch] [branch-to-rebase] - runs:

  • Example 1: Rebase current branch (i.e. docs/readme) into default head branch (i.e. main):

      $ git -r
      git checkout main
      git pull origin main
      git checkout docs/readme
      git rebase main
  • Example 2: Rebase develop into main from any other branch:

    $ gs -r main develop
    git checkout main
    git pull origin main
    git checkout develop
    git rebase main

Runs the rebase process. It will update the head branch automatically for you and you dont need to worries aboute the update status of your head branch! Besides, it can be triggered from any branch, precisely because it makes the checkouts on the mentioned branchs, ensuring that the rebase process is performed to the correct ones.

Note: If any conflicts occur in the rebase process, it will stop to resolve the conflicts. After rebase, run gs -p -f to push the current branch.

6. Git checkout: gs -c <branch-name> - runs git checkout branch-name. Change to "brach-name" branch. It is allowed to create a new branch running gs -cb branch-name.

7. Git checkout default: gs -cd - runs git checkout <default-head- branch>. It will swich the current branch to the default head branch (i.e. main or master)



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