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read object data out of git packfiles, applying ofs/ref deltas and zlib decompression.

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var packfile = require('git-packfile')
  , idxparse = require('git-packidx-parser')
  .on('data', next)
function next(packIndex) {
  var pack = packfile(
      , lookup
      , readStream
  lookup(<some git hash as a buffer>, function(err, object) {
    // obj === {type: git type number, data: buffer} 
  function readStream(start, end) {
    return fs.createReadStream('path/to/packfile', {
      start: start
    , end: end
  function lookup(oid, ready) {
    var location = packIndex.find(oid),, ready)


packfile(size, lookupRef, createReadStream) -> Packfile instance

create a packfile instance. all arguments are required.

lookupRef should be a function that takes a buffer instance and a callback, and calls that callback with the results of searching for that hash against all available object databases.

createReadStream is a function that takes a byte start and end, and should return a readable stream object.

Packfile#read(offset, nextOffset, ready)

Read from offset until nextOffset (given by the pack index), and calls ready with the result.

Returned objects look like so:

{ type: <integer git object type>
, data: <Buffer> }

The data is decompressed and has all deltas already applied to it.