Some git helpers for your shell


Some helpful executables for working with git.

Checkout a new branch and pull from a github user - branch combination. The following pairs are equivilents.

# In some-repo:master
$ gh-co-pull tim-smart
$ git checkout -b pull/tim-smart/master && git pull \
  git:// master

# In some-repo:master
$ gh-co-pull tim-smart test-branch
$ git checkout -b pull/tim-smart/test-branch && git pull \
  git:// test-branch

Merges a branch into the current one, pushes it then deletes the branch on both the remote and local repository.

Parses the Github issue number from the current branch name (expects 'issue/xx{/blah}) then turns that issue on Github into a pull request. This requires gem install hub to be installed, and available as hub.