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filesystem-backed read-only git repository object.

ties together all of the fs-based ODB backends, and the ref discovery mechanism.

var load = require('git-fs-repo')
load('/path/to/repository/.git', function(err, git) {
  var head = git.ref('HEAD').hash
  git.find(head, function(err, obj) {


load(dir, ready(err, repo)) -> undefined

Load a git repository from dir. ready will be called with the error (if any), and the repository object.

repo.find(Buffer | String hash, ready(err, object))

Lookup a git object from the backends. Hash must be either a 40-character hexadecimal string, or a 20-byte Buffer.

If no object was found, there will be no error, but also no data.

If there was an error in any of the backends, it will be propagated as err.

NB: find is tightly bound to the repository object, since so many other git-* projects rely on having a find function provided.

So instead of doing:

var walk = require('git-walk-tree')
  , repo = /* some repo */0;
walk(find, head_commit)
function find(oid, ready) {
  return repo.find(oid, ready)

You can do:

var walk = require('git-walk-tree')
  , repo = /* some repo */0;
walk(repo.find, head_commit)

repo.ref(name[, follow=true]) -> Reference

Lookup a reference by name. If follow is true or not given, it will dereference any intermediary symbolic references (i.e., refs that point at other refs.)

repo.refs([follow=true]) -> [Reference, ...]

Return all references. If follow is true or not given, it will dereference symbolic links, and the returned list will include only one reference per unique hash.