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Command line tool to fork and setup a feature branch for Github projects

npm install -g git-fork


Afterward to fork a github project to your Github account and setup a branch simply do

git-fork username/repo feature-branch

If you want to add a new feature branch either run the command again or go to the repo and do

git-fork new-feature-branch

After you have finished committing your changes you can do

git-fork --pull-request

and the pull request screen window will be opened in your browser. You can also use the -p option as short for pull request.

The first time you run git-fork it will ask for Github credentials that are used to generate a personal oauth token which is stored in ~/.config/git-fork.json. No credentials are stored.

The upstream repo that you forked from is added as the upstream remote and your local master is updated with changes from upstream/master everytime you do a new fork. When you do a fork it will setup tracking for you. To push your changes to your fork simply go to the local repo and do a git push from your branch.