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Version bumping for git-flow (AVH Edition).

This package updates your version in either the composer.json file or package.json file based on the version from either the git flow release start command or the git flow hotfix start command. If a composer.json file is present in your git project, the version property will be updated. If the composer.json file is not present, the package will look for a package.json file and update the version there.

Version bumping should not be used if the php project is published to packagist as this might cause conflicts when a version property exists in composer.json.


  1. Install globally through npm

    npm install --global git-flow-versionbumping
  2. Update your global git config with the correct path to the package.

    git config --global gitflow.path.hooks /path/to/git-flow-hooks

    If you are unsure of where your global npm packages are located, run the following command: npm root


Enable the package either per-project or globally.

In order to enable version bumping for your project, run the following command inside your project: git config gitflow.versionbumping true. In order to enable it globally, run the following command: git config --global gitflow.versionbumping true.

Automatic tag messages

If you want tag messages to be automated (you won't be bothered with your editor to specify it), use the following configuration options:

git config gitflow.hotfix.finish.message "Hotfix %tag%"
git config gitflow.release.finish.message "Release %tag%"

If you like, you can change the tag-placeholder (%tag% in the example above) in the git-flow-hooks configuration.


MIT License.


npm i git-flow-versionbumping

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