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    What you did on the last working day ..or what someone else did. Inspired by git-standup and need to have compact multiple repo access.


    git done-maybe


    To install git-done-maybe library via npm

    $ npm install -g git-done-maybe


    $ git done-maybe [--a=<author name>

    Below is the description for each of the flags

    • --a - Specify author to restrict search to (if not specified, will return all contributors)
    • --d - Specify the number of days back to include (default: 1)
    • --df - Specify the date format for "git log" (default: relative, options: local|default|iso|iso-strict|rfc|short|raw)
    • --m - Specify the multiple git projects search in target directory
    • --f - Fetch the latest commits beforehand
    • --s - Display stats for the commits (files changed, insertions, deletions)
    • --r - Export report for current logs to file
    • --h - Display the help screen

    For the basic usage, all you have to do is run git done-maybe in a repository.

    Single Repository

    To check all commits from last working day, head to the project repository and run

    $ git done-maybe

    Multiple Repository

    Open a directory having multiple repositories and run

    $ git done-maybe --m

    This will show you all commits since the last working day in all the repositories inside.

    Checking commits for specific contributor

    If you want to find out someone else's commits

    # If their name on git is "Charles Lee" 
    $ git done-maybe --a="Charles Lee"
    # Or if their email on git is "" 
    $ git done-maybe --a=""

    Commits from n days ago

    If you would like to show all your/someone else's commits from n days ago

    # Show all commits from 7 days ago 
    $ git done-maybe --d=7
    # Show all Charles Lee's commits from 7 days ago 
    $ git done-maybe --a="Charles Lee" --d=7

    Specifying the output date format

    Add --df flag to specify the date format (default: relative)

    $ git done-maybe --df=iso
    # Available relative|local|default|iso|iso-strict|rfc|short|raw 

    Fetch latest commits before showing result

    If you would like to automatically run git fetch --all before printing the result, you can add the --f flag

    $ git done-maybe --f

    Show statistics for all commits

    If you would like to show how many files are changed (with insertions/deletions) per commit, you can add the --s flag

    $ git done-maybe --s

    Export report for all commits

    If you would like to export report to specific file after printing the results, you can add the --r flag

    $ git done-maybe --r
    # You will be prompted to enter name for report file 




    npm i git-done-maybe

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