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    It makes gists out of files! From the command line!


    • it takes multiple files, single files, or eventually, no files at all!
    • it doesn't care if you reference files in pwd or in some distant directory (this was a problem with the alternative I tried).
    • it gets your credentials at your already-stated level of security using the git credential tool. If git credential doesn't know your credentials, it'll just prompt you for them. But seriously, life is short, use a helper.

    It'll get your OAuth2 token from github, letting them deal with how to store such things securely. Your github credentials are safe the entire time, or no less safe than they were given that git credential will print your password in plain text if you ask nicely.

    This module distinguishes itself from the others on npm in that it never asks you to store your github credentials anywhere in plain text, doesn't ask you to edit any files in order to store your api token, and has a better sense of humor. Enjoy!


    It currently relies on having git 1.7.12 or greater, so... I kinda bet you need to upgrade.

    You'll love it, so why don't you npm install it:

    $ npm install -g gist-put

    If you ever decide you hate it, npm uninstall ftw!

    npm uninstall -g gist-put

    And then find gist-put among your authorized apps on github, and remove it from the list.

    I guess I could provide a commandline argument for this last step... If this is something you'd like, contact me @AWinterman (on github) or @AndyWinterman (on twitter) and we can work it out. Even better, submit a pull request!


    gist-put will make a gist, and print the url to the command line. Eventually this will also put the url in your clipboard, or open a browser window with your gist in it, just the way everybody else's gist utility does. There are options to determine privacy on the gist, and to add a description if you swing that way.

    # a private gist 
    gist-put file
    # be descriptive: 
    gist-put -d 'so many files to gist!'  file
    # make it public 
    gist-put -p file 
    # multiple files at once: 
    gist-put 1-file-to-gist 2-file-to-gist 3-file-to-gist
    # make it anonymous 
    gist-put -a file
    # a browser and navigate to your newly created gist. 
    gist-put -o file
    # how bout opening the gist at ? 
    gist-put -b file
    # Or a at 
    gist-put -r file

    Use it like a module

    If for whatever reason you want to play with the constituent pieces, you can do:

    gist_put = require("gist-put")

    and it won't break everything. However this is not the intended purpose. Maybe one day I'll add some documentation of how the module actually works.


    npm i gist-put

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