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A gulp workflow for giks.

What tasks are included?

  • Clean up build dirs.
  • Clean up docs dirs.
  • lint.test Linter on test files.
  • lint.src Linter on source files.
  • lint Lint for both test and source files.
  • docs Generate documentation (gik-doc)
  • build Run the ES6 transpiler (Babel) on the source files and puts them on build.
  • test Runs tests. (Mocha Chai)
  • watch Runs tests and watches for changes.


  • Install gulp, chai and gik as a dev-dependencies.

    $ npm install --save-dev gulp chai fai
  • Install babel-runtime as dependency (if you want complete support for ES6 feats)

    $ npm install --save gulp babel-runtime
  • Create a gulpfile.js on your project's root and add the following lines:

        'use strict';
        let Gulp = require('gulp');
        let Gik  = require('gik');
        for (let i in GIK) Gulp.task.apply(Gulp, GIK[i]);
        // Your tasks here 
        Gulp.task('your task', ()=>)
  • Create a test and src directory.

    mkdir test && mkdir src
  • Add a .chai.js file in the test directory to configure your Chai experience. own globals to the mix.

    touch test/.chai.js
    'use strict';
    let Chai = require('chai');
    // Chai configurations. 
    Chai.config.includeStack = false;
    Chai.config.showDiff     = false;
    // globals you need on your tests. 
    GLOBAL.expect = Chai.expect;
  • Create in both test and src dirs a file named .eslintrc. It will allow the linter to use ES6 and you will be able to personalize its rules.

        "parser": "babel-eslint",
            "browser" : false,
            "node"    : true
            "xit"      : true,
            "it"       : true,
            "describe" : true,
            "expect"   : true
        /* your rules here */