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My node.js config method, a small module that reads the file and presents a nice object.

After dealing with the annoyance of xml config files in my java days I wanted the old style of window's style key=value, json-based config files just doesn't do it for me.

a config file might look like this:

# a nice comment
// another comment, ever statement on it's own line.
session.expire = 45
session.redis.password = "a string password" = "392.329329.32.323";
superduper = "awesome"
test.array = hello, this, is a ,test, of, an , array
test.boolean = true


var config = require("giffo-config")("default.conf");

config("session.redis.password"); // returns "a string password"
config("session"); // returns the session object
config("session.expire"); // ?todo?returns the number 45 and not a string

or get the object entirely in a single fetch:

var configObj = require("giffo-config")("config-test-file.conf")(); 


or a more traditional presentable/verbose method (not writing require("giffo-config")) if using more than a single config file etc.

var Config = require("giffo-config");

var appConfig = new Config("app.conf");
var serverConfig = new Config("server.conf");

var favColor = appConfig("favcolor");
var serverTimeouts = serverConfig("timeout");

this module a read only, there is no mechanism to save changes to the config file to disk.

number, boolean and array data-types are converted from the string to their relevant type. putting quotes around a value does not convert.

example: server.port = "4532"

results in 4532 in the string datatype

server.port = 4223

results in a number datatype

this would cause an error, password attempted to access it as an object when it was initially assigned as a string.

password = "hello"
password.saltlen = 24
password.keylen = 40
password.iterations = 4000



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