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GiantBomb API Explorer

GiantBomb API Explorer

Made for node.js (that was 4y ago)

  npm install giantbomb-api
var GBAPI = require('./main.js');
var apiToken = 'your-api-token'; //required! 
var responseLimit = 3; //defaults to a 100, but 3 is goot to test 
var cacheHours = 0; //defaults to 0 as disabled 
var gb = new GBAPI(apiToken, responseLimit, cacheHours);
// now, start making some requests to see how it works! 
gb.platforms(console.log)                   // list first 3 platforms 
gb.gamesOfPlatform( 36, console.log )          // list first 3 Wii games 67, function(err, resp){  // tiger woods 
    console.log(, '-', resp.results.original_release_date )

It is easy to extend the API acces by using the methods buildtUrl and exec

Upon creating useful methods you may send me a pull request or post it in a gist and point it at Issues


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  • @Ronald-Diemicke