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    Ghost Storage Cloudinary

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    A fully featured and deeply tested Cloudinary Ghost storage adapter.


    • Compatible with all Ghost versions 🚀
    • Latest Cloudinary NodeJS SDK
    • Image upload, existence check & deletion (when Ghost will support it)
    • Ability to upload in dated sub-directories (alike first Ghost default Local storage adapter YYYY/MM)
    • Ability to upload images into a specific directory
    • Ability to tag images
    • Cool plugins!
    • Should be compatible with mmornati/ghost-cloudinary-store configuration


    Install from Yarn

    • Go into Ghost root directory
    • Download the adapter:
    $ yarn add ghost-storage-cloudinary@2
    $ mv node_modules/ghost-storage-cloudinary core/server/adapters/storage
    • Done, go configure

    Install on Docker

    Here's an example of using this adapter with a containerized Ghost:

    FROM ghost:3-alpine as cloudinary
    RUN su-exec node yarn add ghost-storage-cloudinary@2
    FROM ghost:3-alpine
    COPY --chown=node:node --from=cloudinary $GHOST_INSTALL/current/node_modules $GHOST_INSTALL/current/node_modules
    COPY --chown=node:node --from=cloudinary $GHOST_INSTALL/current/node_modules/ghost-storage-cloudinary $GHOST_INSTALL/current/core/server/adapters/storage/ghost-storage-cloudinary
    RUN set -ex; \
        su-exec node ghost config storage.active ghost-storage-cloudinary; \
        su-exec node ghost config storage.ghost-storage-cloudinary.upload.use_filename true; \
        su-exec node ghost config storage.ghost-storage-cloudinary.upload.unique_filename false; \
        su-exec node ghost config storage.ghost-storage-cloudinary.upload.overwrite false; \
        su-exec node ghost config storage.ghost-storage-cloudinary.fetch.quality auto; \
        su-exec node ghost config storage.ghost-storage-cloudinary.fetch.cdn_subdomain true;

    Here, we use the Ghost CLI to set some pre-defined values.

    ℹ️ For Ghost version 1.x, use ghost-storage-cloudinary@1 package version.


    Check out configuration.json.dist for a complete example.

    • Ensure to disable Ghost Image Optimisation
    • The optional useDatedFolder = false to upload images in dated sub-directories (alike default Ghost Local storage adapter)
    • The auth property is optional if you use the CLOUDINARY_URL environment variable authentification method
    • The optional upload property contains Cloudinary API upload options
    • The optional fetch property contains Cloudinary API image transformation options

    Recommended configuration

    • upload.use_filename = true in order use the original image name
    • upload.unique_filename = false unlikely Ghost local storage adapter which auto-dedup an existing file name, Cloudinary will return the existing image URL instead of deduping the image
    • upload.overwrite = false goes along with previous option: returns existing image instead of overwriting it
    • upload.folder = "my-blog" allows to upload all your images into a specific directory instead of Cloudinary media library root
    • upload.tags = ["blog", "photography"] if you want to add some taxonomy to your uploaded images
    • fetch.quality = "auto" equals auto:good (see doc)
    • fetch.secure = false set to true if you want to serve images over SSL (not recommended for performances)
    • fetch.cdn_subdomain = true to really use the benefit of Cloudinary CDN

    ❤️ Don't forget to checkout the plugins!


    Run yarn install without the --production flag.

    Runs the tests and generate coverage:

    $ npm t

    Runs the linter:

    $ npm run eslint

    To enable debug logs, set the following environment variable:


    Many thanks to @mmornati, @sethbrasile and all other contributors for their work. In the continuation of this project, don't hesitate to fork, contribute and add more features.


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