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    This fork was upgraded to work with the latest ghost version. In production i use this adapter for an ghost running on Google appengine flex nodejs environment.

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    Ghost Google Cloud Storage Plugin

    A simple plugin to add Google Cloud Storage support for a Ghost Blog.


    cd /var/www/ghost # or wherever you ran ghost-cli, this is your ghost base directory 
    npm install --save ghost-google-cloud-storage-new

    Note that if you do not have a package.json file in your ghost base directory, this will warn. You do not need to add one, the node_modules directory will be created and populated either way. You can create one by running npm init.

    Create storage module

    # This assumes that you are operating on your production environemnt, change the following variable if necessary. 
    export GHOST_ENVIRONMENT=production
    # Your content path will be determined by your config file: 
    # You can run the jq command to get it for you 
    export CONTENT_PATH=$(jq -r '.paths.contentPath // "."' config.${GHOST_ENVIRONMENT}.json)
    mkdir -p ${CONTENT_PATH}/adapters/storage/gcloud
    cat > ${CONTENT_PATH}/adapters/storage/gcloud/index.js << EOL
    'use strict';
    module.exports = require('ghost-google-cloud-storage-new');


    Create a bucket in your google cloud project. In the storage settings you will find your project id as x-goog-project-id, after that you need to go to your API Credentials settings and create a Service account key, choosing JSON as the key type.

    Add this key on your root ghost folder or any folder you want.

    Add a storage block to your config.${GHOST_ENVIRONMENT}.json as below:

        "active": "gcloud",
        "gcloud": {
            "projectId": "Your_project_id",
            "key": "Your_key_path",
            "bucket": "Your_bucket_name",
            "assetDomain": "",
            "insecure": true,
            "maxAge": "2678400"


    • For the key path, if it is in the ghost root directory, just use the name of the file. Otherwise use an absolute path.
    • The assetDomain is an optional config entry, and is only required if you want to use a custom domain for your cloud storage bucket. Note that these instructions only allow for http, not https, as the storage servers do not present a custom certificate for your domain. Here is a list of workarounds. Pair with the "insecure": true option to use bare http URLs.
    • The insecure config is also optional, and defaults to false. Set to true if you are using a custom asset domain, and do not have https configured.
    • The maxAge is an optional config entry, and is only required if you want to set the cache-control's max age property. It defaults to 31 days (in seconds). This is desirable if you will not be deleting and re-uploading the same file multiple times, and will reduce your bandwidth usage when paired with a CDN. It can be overridden to set the max age to something else, smaller if you would like cache entries to be revalidated quicker, larger if you would like the cache entries to last for longer than 1 month.

    Verify Ghost config

    ghost stop
    ghost run

    You will see some logs or an error if the install was not successful. Fix any errors and then run ghost run again until you see the Ghost boot log entry.

    Restart ghost

    ghost start

    Here is a transcript of the above, with errors

    user@ghost:/var/www/ghost$ ghost stop
    ghost run
    Running sudo command: systemctl stop ghost_example-com
    ✔ Stopping Ghost
    user@ghost:/var/www/ghost$ ghost run
    The `ghost run` command is used by the configured Ghost process manager and for debugging. If you're not running this to debug something, you should run `ghost start` instead.
    Running sudo command: node current/index.js
    [2017-10-02 16:18:26] ERROR
    NAME: IncorrectUsageError
    MESSAGE: We have detected an error in your custom storage adapter.
    IncorrectUsageError: We have detected an error in your custom storage adapter.
        at new IncorrectUsageError (/var/www/ghost/versions/1.10.0/node_modules/ghost-ignition/lib/errors/index.js:79:23)
        at Object.getStorage (/var/www/ghost/versions/1.10.0/core/server/adapters/storage/index.js:43:19)
    # fix the issue and retry
    user@ghost:/var/www/ghost$ ghost run
    The `ghost run` command is used by the configured Ghost process manager and for debugging. If you're not running this to debug something, you should run `ghost start` instead.
    Running sudo command: node current/index.js
    [2017-10-02 18:31:58] INFO Ghost is running in production... 
    [2017-10-02 18:31:58] INFO Your blog is now available on 
    [2017-10-02 18:31:58] INFO Ctrl+C to shut down 
    [2017-10-02 18:31:58] INFO Ghost boot 11.834s 
    ^C[2017-10-02 18:32:02] WARN Ghost has shut down 
    [2017-10-02 18:32:02] WARN Your blog is now offline 
    user@ghost:/var/www/ghost$ ghost start
    ✔ Validating config
    Running sudo command: systemctl start ghost_example-com
    ✔ Starting Ghost
    You can access your blog at


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