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    Modification of actual ghost-cursor for puppeteer, with more functionality and rewrite to work well with playwright. Note! target elements rendered in the DOM will be scrolled vertically and horizontally to be visible in viewport


    git clone cursor
    cd cursor
    npm install

    example of usage in src/example.ts to run example use

    npm run example

    for wsl2 don't forget to set up display

    Download as package

    npm i ghost-cursor-playwright
    import { createCursor } from 'ghost-cursor-playwright';
    const createCursor = require('ghost-cursor-playwright');

    How to use

    Create amd attach cursor to page

    const cursor = await createCursor(page);

    manipulate the cursor via:

    //move actions before execute will keep performing random move (30% chance).
    cursor.actions.move(target: string | BoundingBox | Vector, moveOptions?: moveOptions): Promise<void>;
    type moveOptions = {
    	paddingPercentage?: number;
    	waitForSelector?: number;
    	waitBeforeMove?: [number, number];
     clickOptions, moveOptions?: moveOptions): Promise<void>;
    type clickOptions = {
    	target?: string | BoundingBox | Vector;
    	waitBeforeClick?: [number, number];
    	waitBetweenClick?: [number, number];
    	doubleClick?: boolean;
    // if target is given then cursor will use move function before click
    // if target is JS path string, then function will check if for sure is on correct target (sometimes rendered objects are covered in viewport by menu bar or dialogs etc.), if false will proceed fallback to native click

    util functions

    // actual position of cursor is mounted on window.mousePos, its value can be retrieve by
      cursor.getActualPosOfMouse(): Promise<Vector>;
    // actual target of cursor is mounted on window.mouseTarget, to compare target under cursor with given JS PATH selector use:
      cursor.compareTargetOfMouse(selector: string): Promise<boolean>
    // random Vector of element
      cursor.getElemBoundingBox(selector: string): Promise<BoundingBox>
      cursor.getRandomPointInsideElem(elemBoundingBox: BoundingBox, paddingPercentage?): Vector
    // random Vector of viewport
      cursor.getRandomPointOnViewport(paddingPercentage?): Promise<Vector>


    npm i ghost-cursor-playwright-iframe

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