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Ghost Backblaze(B2) Cloud Storage Plugin

A simple plugin to add Backblaze(B2) Cloud Storage support for a Ghost Blog


npm install --save ghost-b2-cloud-storage

Create storage module

Create index.js file with folder path 'content/storage/bcloud/index.js' (manually create folder if not exist)

'use strict';
module.exports = require('ghost-b2-cloud-storage');


Create a bucket on your Backblaze(B2) Cloud storage project.

Add this key on your root ghost folder or any folder you want.

Add storage block to file config.js in each environment as below:

storage: {
  active: 'bcloud',
  'bcloud': {
      projectId: 'Your_project_id',
      bucketId: 'Your_bucket_id',
      bucketName: 'Your_bucket_name',
      key: 'Your_api_key'