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ghib NPM version

create git branches with meaningful names by specifying a GitHub issue number



Issue Number: #6 <br> Issue Title: auto detect owner and repository

Executing ghib 6 in my project directory. to quickly create the following branch and check it out: 6-auto-detect-owner-and-repository.


Lets say I opened an issue titled: auto detect owner and repository. It got assigned an issue number: 6. Now whenever I decide to start working on that issue I'd like to be able to create a branch name for it quickly. Preferably something that will quickly let me know what issue I'm working on and something that will be meaningful.

I use this to make me more productive in my workflow.


npm install -g ghib


While you are in your project directory do the following and a branch will be created for you (checkout master or whatever branch you need to first if necessary, so the branch is created with the right parent).

ghib <githubIssueNumber>