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Embed any source file (or specific lines) from any public github repo in your page, with no server-side dependencies.


Embed any source file (or specific lines) from any public github repo in your page, with no server-side dependencies. Include google-code-prettify (prettyPrint) for pretty colors!

Download the production version or the development version. You may also want prettify.js and prettify.css from google-code-prettify. It is not required, but if present will allow for syntax highlighting.

<!-- probaby just before closing body tag... -->
<script src="path/to/gheembedder.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


// somewhere after/during DOMReady
ghembedder.autoload(); // requires browser to have EITHER document.querySelectorAll OR jquery 

// OR

// single specific instance (after page load, for example)
ghembedder.load( document.querySelectorAll('div')[0] ); 

This will load lines 743-768 of src/core.js (jQuery.proxy) from the jquery repo!

See for a live working demo.

Find, read, and load all DOM nodes that have a [gh-path] attribute. Requires document.querySelectorAll or jQuery.

Given a DOM node, load a Github file. The DOM node requires a few data-* attributes, which are defined in the examples below. Internally, ghembedder turns the node into the following configuration object, which can also be passed to this method:

	path: 'src/ghembedder.js'				// path relative to git repo root
	,userrepo: 'kirbysayshi/ghembedder'		// username/reponame
	,ref: 'master'							// ref id (sha), defaults to master
	,lineBegin: -1							// include all lines
	,lineEnd: -1							// include all lines 
	,el: el									// DOM node to embed within 
	,fileName: 'ghembedder.js'				// filename (used for anchor links internally)
	,tabSize: 4								// how many spaces a tab should equal
	,annotate: Boolean						// include link and line numbers at end of embedding
	,lang: 'lang-js'						// prettyPrint: which language to use for highlighting
	,linenos: Boolean						// prettyPrint: include line numbers

I recommend always using a DOM node when possible for ease of use.

All possible data-* attributes:

	data-ghpath=""			<!-- required, String: path to file, repo-relative -->
	data-ghuserrepo=""		<!-- required, String: username/reponame -->
	data-ghref=""			<!-- optional, String: provide a specific ref, defaults to master -->
	data-ghlines=""			<!-- optional, String: which lines to display (not specified == all), e.g.: 34-90 -->
	data-ghtabsize=""		<!-- optional, Number: how many spaces a tab character should occupy, defaults to 4 -->
	data-ghannotate=""		<!-- optional, Boolean: Display short filename, lines x-X, link to source -->
	data-ghlinenos=""		<!-- optional, prettyPrint, Boolean: display line numbers -->
	data-ghlang=""			<!-- optional, prettyPrint, String: which language to use for highlighting e.g.: lang-js -->

Load lines 743-768 from src/core.js of the jQuery repo @ 714b8ffd2b28af446fea8f25e369597d7c509cb4


Load all lines from src/ghembedder.js:


Load lines 340-350 from src/ghembedder.js:


load all lines from src/ghembedder.js, add annotation:


load all lines from src/ghembedder.js, use line numbers (requires google-code-prettify:


Please don't edit files in the "dist" subdirectory as they are generated. You'll find source code in the "src" subdirectory!

  • npm install

To run tests via zuul / phantomjs:

  • npm test

To run tests in an actual browser:

  • npm run test-debug

To build:

  • npm run dist
  • 1.0.0: Remove btoa/atob shim. Always html escape content.
  • 0.1.1: Basic html escaping if extension matches .htm|.html
  • 0.1.0: initial release