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ghb is a command line tool to fetch and update GitHub Issue and Pull Request from terminal


  • Using npm
$ npm install ghb -g
  • Using yarn
$ yarn global add ghb
  • Using bower(not recommended)
$ bower install ghb
cd ./bower_component/ghb && npm link

     Note: Bower will install the package into local directory as dependency

  • Autocompletion Script
$ curl > /etc/bash_completion.d/ghb


$ curl >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc


  • Configure ghb with local repo
$ ghb init <github-url>
  • Check status of ghb
$ ghb status
  • Get latest issues/pr from GitHub
$ ghb issues [options: open | closed | all | id={ID} | label={LABELS}]
$ ghb pulls  [options: open | closed | all | id={ID} | label={LABELS}]
  • Help option
$ ghb --help
$ ghb --version

What's new (v1.3.6)

  • The source code and binary files, and the data storage has been split in different directories.
  • No longer need to re-setup ghb in directories, in case of upgrading the package.

What's new (v1.3.4)

  • Added markdown support for Terminal
  • Improved UI quality
  • User can search open issues via label(s)
  • Label color resembles that on GitHub screen


  • If you find any bug or to request new feature register an issue.
  • If you want to make design improvement comment here.
  • Look issues and try to solve them and create a pull request

IMPORTANT Every commit must follow the standard:

shortlog: commit message

commit body

fixes: #<issue_number>

Signed-Off-By: [Your name] <your email>

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